About Us

APEB is the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize. We are dedicated to the development of engineers in the country of Belize. APEB is a member of the international organizations.

Our Mission

To ensure the provision of professional engineering services of the highest technical and ethical standards, for the benefit, protection and development of the Belizean Society.

Our Vision

To provide continuous development of an organization that will earn the respect of the community by providing exemplary services, applying the formal training and experience acquired to produce the best possible solution for clients at an affordable cost.

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The Objectives of the Association are:

  • To Promote and encourage the general advancement of the professions of Professional Engineers and Allied Professions
  • To Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among the members of the Association
  • To provide a means of evaluating and development of professional skills among members of the professions and to provide professional status to those members of the professions who have exemplified themselves as worthy of such status in accordance with the terms and conditions laid by the constitution and its By-laws
  • To Regulate the conduct of members of the Association such as to encourage the application of the highest standards of excellence in the performance of services and in the ethics of the professions
  • To Implement standards in the practice of the professions and instill a conscious recognition of the professions' obligation to society.
  • To Seek, for the protection and benefit of society, legislation for mandatory registration of engineers to practice in Belize.

Rules for Registration:


Rules for Registration of Professional Engineers in Belize and for accepting persons to membership grades of APEB


After reviewing the report submitted by the Board of Professional Education (BoPE), the Council, at its meeting of October 15, 2002, has agreed to adopt a set of criteria for the admission of members to the grade of corporate members, which entitles members to be registered as professional Engineers. The Council acknowledges that an engineer should have a good standard of engineering education and adequate experience to be able to practice safely. The set of criteria recommended by the board is similar to those used in several other countries and will serve the engineers of Belize of the immediate future well. Like all criteria they shall be kept under continuous review by BoPE A growing trend in many countries is to require registered engineers to keep themselves up-to-date or acquire additional administrative tools to complement their technical skills, by attending continuing education courses as a condition for continuing registration. This area of continuing education will be the main focus of BoPE in the coming year. We do have a programme of activities for the new year that should be used until we can formulate the appropriate rules to widen the scope of options in continuing education that may be available to member.


Graduate and Corporate Membership

The rules for initial registration as an engineer in Belize are:

1. Any candidate for admission to the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize in the grade of graduate or corporate member, shall have graduated with a bachelor’s degree, or higher, in engineering or engineering science from an institution listed in the 'Standard List of Approved Educational Intitutions' maintained by the Board of Professional Education of the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize.

2. Any person, who has satisfactorily completed a course in engineering or engineering science approved by the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize, may apply to the Association for the rank of corporate member and for registration as a professional Engineer in Belize in his/her
field of competence, if he/she:

1. Has completed a minimum of 4 years relevant engineering experience acceptable to the Association.

2. Can demonstrate to the Association, through presentation of papers, interview and essay, his/her knowledge of the principles of analysis. design, construction, operations, engineering ethics and management to a level that is in accordance with that person being able to safely
practice as a professional engineer.

The criteria to be used for assessing regional engineering institutions that do not appear on the list are four-year courses at institutions with an active research programme.

The criteria for evaluating "relevant experience acceptable to the association" is best set by encouraging new graduates to negotiate with their employers and APEB a programme of professional development to be followed and to have mentors from among corporate members oversee and report on the progress of its implementation. This is an ideal situation since many employers may be more interested in work produced and in some cases the experience gained is unrelated to the development of
engineering skills. Graduates should be made aware of this problem and should seek the advice of the Admissions Committee. It is possible-that a graduate may have to work for more than 4 years in order to meet the "relevant experience" criteria.

Non-Belizean Engineers

There are cases when Non-Belizean engineers are working in Belize as engineers. The act requires that all persons practicing professional engineering must be registered as professional engineers. To facilitate such occurrences, APEB has decided to adopt the following policies:

1. Non-Belizean engineers who hold the equivalent qualification to registration in their own country and meet the residence requirement shall be accepted by the association for registration in Belize. These engineers must join the Association paying the appropriate fees.

2. For continued registration these foreign engineers must fulfill the same criteria as do Belizean engineers.

3. Non-Belizean engineers who do not hold the equivalent of Belizean registration in their own country must go through the same procedures as would a Belizean engineer.

Except for founding members of APEB, Non-Belizean engineers working on development projects will be given temporary registration which will restrict their work to the project for which they were contracted until such time when they meet the residence requirements and apply for full registration.


Other Grades of Members

All other grades of member will be assessed based on the requirements stated in the Constitution of the Association and its Byelaws.


The Council accepts the recommendation of the Board that the admissions committee verify the qualifications of those who registered under the ‘grandfather' clause. This shall include all persons, including persons with university degrees, who have been registered originally.